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Archive for January 2018

Boscastle Walking Week 2018

  I thought you might like to know about Boscastle walking week.  If you are interested in joining in then please see below for more details. We will offer a free pack lunch to Old Parsonage guests during walking week when they take part in a walk.   Boscastle Walking Week

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Marmalade Recipe

Making marmalade We have had a rather wet start to 2018 and I thought what better way to get through the damp weather than by making marmalade ready for our breakfasts this year. It was my first attempt and I am rather pleased with the results! I didn’t have a clue on how to make this marvellous preserve…

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Cranberry and Orange Loaf

  2018 has started in a flurry of frosty mornings and crispy cold days and what we need is a little bit of comfort. As it happens, I am ready to start experimenting with new cake recipes, this is my idea of comfort. My cousin, Kathy, and her family came to visit a couple of…

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