Our Art Gallery at The Old Parsonage

Our Favourite Paintings at The Old Parsonage

January 2021

I would like to apologise for being very lax indeed with my blog posts, no excuse other than I tend to prefer posting onto our Facebook and Instagram pages.  However, one of my resolutions this year is to try to write a blog at least once a month!

With this in mind, here is my first blog of 2021.

When Jon & I took over The Old Parsonage back in 2017 we were faced with the challenge of choosing pictures or photos to hang on the walls in our new home. We had some from our previous life, living in West Sussex but here in Cornwall we wanted to find local artists and have a few pictures which were more personal to us but embraced this county too.

Our first purchase was for our Room 3, Best View

Bluebells in Valency Valley by Helen Setterington www.theoldforgegallery.co.uk

You can find Helen and her partner, Andy, at The Old Forge Gallery down in the harbour in Boscastle, literally a ten-minute walk from our driveway.

It didn’t take us long to decide on this vibrant print, we love its feel of wildness and of the nature around us here, let’s be honest, who can resist bluebells in the woods? We certainly couldn’t!

Room 4, Afternoon Sunshine

Trebarwith Sunset &  Cornish Tin Mine by Penelope O’Connor

We found Penelope’s work in a shop in Launceston (half an hour by car from our doorstep) called Zebediah’s. The shop supports local artists and there is a wealth of gems in this place. We simply love the medium Penelope works with and both pieces of art are beautifully embroidered. @penelopetextileart

Room 5, Colour and Comfort

Jo Downs Glass  www.jodowns.com

Jo Downs is a Cornish artist specialising in glass. We love this piece which hangs in room 5’s en-suite. It shows the North Cornish Coast in all its wildness, we think the colours are absolutely beautiful in this piece. @jodownsglass

The Breakfast Room

Sian Ward Creative www.sianwardcreative.co.uk

Sian is our daughter and it would be remiss of us not to have one or two of her pieces up on the walls! Sian is an illustrator and is inspired by her local surroundings as you can see from these pictures, which we feel have a relaxed and fresh feel to them.

The Conservatory

Natalie Rymer  www.natalierymerart.com

Natalie paints distinctive landscapes and her style is bold and vibrant. Her use of colours light up any wall her paintings are hung on. We love this painting ‘Hidden Gem’ which we have hanging in our conservatory it certainly brightens up the back wall in there.

We hope you have enjoyed your perusal through The Old Parsonage’s Art Gallery.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home in the future where you will be able to see some of these gems for yourself. @oldparsonage